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  • Is it easy to get a “Y-Ties” program started in our school?
    YES! One phone call and your “Starter Kit” arrives. Everything is included (including “Y-Ties”) and the program can begin in your school immediately!
  • What does it cost our school?
    Nothing! No money ‘up-front’. Pay for what you sell. Return unsold products.*
  • When is a good time to do the “Y-Ties” program?
    Yes! Users can add video from YouTube or Vimeo with ease: Before Christmas works great! “Y-Ties” are great ‘stocking stuffers’ and parents buy them by the handful! Click the "Manage Questions" buttonMany schools also sell “Y-Ties” in the Spring, they go great with Field Days, fun runs, carnivals and warm weather!
  • Do “Y-Ties” come in different sizes?
    Yes! Regular laces are 52 ” long and cost $5/pair, while the longer 72” Bootlaces are $6/pair. They fit most shoes, sneakers, high tops, boots, hiking shoes – any shoe with laces.
  • How many colors are available?
    “Y-Ties” come in over 45 colors and combinations and almost all school colors are available!
  • Are “Y-Ties” sturdy and durable?
    You bet! “Y-Ties” have a one year unconditional guarantee. We replace any damaged or defective laces. See guarantee on lace hand out flyer.
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