School Announcement Template

The following template can be incorporated into daily school announcements.

Use as is or change it to suit your needs.

Change the RED areas to your information.

Students! Teachers! Children of all ages!

“Y-Ties” are now available at the school!

“Y-Ties” are amazing curly elastic shoe laces that never need tying and hold your shoes on tight!

Girls use “Y-Ties” as hair, sleeve and wrist decorations and color co-ordinate with your friends!

“Y-Ties” come in over 30 cool colors and combinations and all school and team’s colors!

Get “Y-Ties” for yourself, your brothers and sisters, Mom & Dad – and don’t forget your grandparents!

Bring completed order envelopes and payment to school as soon as possible!

If you have questions please talk to ______________________.

Get ’em while they’re HOT!