Hints to promote your “Y-Ties” Fundraiser

Review and use the tips listed below to help your “Y-Ties” program be fun, easy and successful!

  1. Set beginning and ending dates for your program. “Y-Ties” are terrific ‘stocking stuffers’ and selling around the Christmas holidays is very effective!
  2. Send out Parent Send Home e-mails. E-mails let parents know about the “Y-Ties” Fundraiser and get them aware and involved. A Parent ‘Send-Home’ template has been included in this media kit and can be modified to suit your needs.
  1. Have clearly stated goals. Communicate goals regularly – before, during and after the program. Parents and students will participate if they understand the program’s goals and how funds will be used.
  2. Get help! Get parent and student volunteers to organize and distribute orders. This ensures a smooth and efficient “Y-Ties” Fundraiser.
  3. Place “Y-Ties” Signs and Posters in conspicuous locations – school entrances, lunch rooms and the main showcase or bulletin boards.
  4. School announcements offer opportunities to promote your “Y-Ties” program. A ‘School announcement template’ has been included in this kit and can be modified for your school.
  5. Show the “Y-Ties” video during morning announcements or in individual classrooms. Kids LOVE this fun and educational video!
  6. The school newsletter and local newspapers are great for promoting your “Y-Ties” Fundraiser. A sample newsletter template is included and can be modified for your school.
  7. Distribute the “ Y-Ties” Comix ASAP! K-2nd graders get the ‘Young Kids’ Comix and 3rd grade and up the ‘Older Kids’ Comix. . . Kids can find the secret messages!
  8. Hand Out Order Envelopes all over town! The more you give out – the more you get back!
  9. Say “Thank You to those who help you along the way!


The key to a successful “Y-Ties” fundraiser is effectively promoting it to parents and students.

There are a number of tools to assist you in your “Y-Ties” fundraiser.

The links below will take you to text based ‘templates’ you can CUT & PASTE into your own emails, Word documents, or bulk email programs:

Send Home e-mail Template

Newsletter Template

School Announcement Template

Reminder e-mail Template


Use the Posters, Older and Younger Kids Comix, Parent ‘Send Home’ Flyers & Order Envelopes, Parent stickers, and e-mail templates!