How the “Y-Ties” Program Works In Your School

Young Kids Comix

  1. Introduce “Y-Ties” elastic laces to students.
    • Display laces where students can see all the colors!
    • Show all students 6 minute DVD.
    • Set up display posters and hang signs.


  2. Distribute Materials
    • Give free comix to all students.
    • Hand out “Parent Send-Home” flyers & Order Envelopes to parents, staff and everyone else in town!
    • Use 3″ round stickers on backpacks, jackets, foreheads etc. to let parents know about the program!


  3. Stickers Sell “Y-Ties” curly elastic laces to students and fill orders.
    • Give out stickers out with lace purchases.
    • Give a fresh envelope when filling orders!
    • Re-order when you start running out of colors (it happens fast!)