Starter Kit Contents

The “Starter Kit” makes it easy…

Everything is included:


300−500 pairs of “Y-Ties” elastic laces (over 45 colors & combinations).

Get your school colors and other popular teams & color combinations!


Order Envelopes

Parent ‘send-home’ Flyers & Order Envelopes for students, staff & everyone else in town!

(A Spanish version of the Parent ‘send-home’ Flyer is available.)

“The more envelopes you give out – the more you get back!”


2 Part  DVD

1st part shown to all students (~6 minutes)

2nd part for adults running the “Y-Ties” program (~10 minutes)

Young Kids Comix

Free comix for every student (given out to start program).

“Younger Kids” comix for pk − 2nd graders.

“Older Kids” comix for 3rd grade and up.


“Y-Ties” stickers for kids that purchase laces.

Lace Instructions

Lace instruction flyers includes unconditional guarantee.


2 large posters (24″ x 34″).

Mount on cardboard or laminate.


10 “Y-Ties” signs to hang in classrooms and hallways.


A ‘Tips & Suggestions’ poster for selling “Y-Ties.”


The Invoice Folder:

Original Invoice

Payment Options (Early pay discounts available!)

“Y-Ties” re-order form (Re-order before you run out of colors!)

Tax ID Postcard (Please initial and return immediately!)

A special mystery treat for adults running program!